Employeeship training

The employeeship program is a great opportunity to create engagement and self-leadership on all employee levels. It consist of four 1,5-hour modules, that you easily can find time for in any organization. After completing all four modules, the participants are ready to use their new knowledge to increase the psychological safety and wellbeing in your organization.

For whom?

All employees at all levels in the organization.

Modul 1: Engaged teams

In this module we work with how trust can create committed and high-performing teams.

Trust is the basis for healthy conflicts, increased commitment, and responsibility, which leads to better results for the company.

During module 1 we recommend the following themes:
  • Building trust?
  • Feedback
  • Company values

Modul 2: Our working enviroment

As an employee, you may feel that you cannot influence the changes that take place.

Here we will work with a tool that concretely helps us focus on what we can influence and let go of what is beyond our control.

During module 2 we recommend the following themes:
  • Employeeship
  • Change curve
  • Learning zone
  • Circle of control

Modul 3: Health at work

In this module we will give you concrete tools and explain how you can develop your mental health. We will explain what can trigger stress in the first place and explore how stress can differ from person to person.

During module 3 we recommend the following themes:
  • Why do we experience stress
  • The power of our thoughts
  • Stress zone, development zone and comfort zone

Modul 2: Recharge at work

In this last module, we take a quick journey through how you with simple means can gain an understanding of the importance of recharging yourself. Leading yourself is taking care of yourself. When we take care of ourselves with sleep, movement and nutrition, we will be better equipped to handle both stress and change.

During module 4 we recommend the following themes:
  • Brain breaks
  • Circadian rhythm
  • Hormones
  • Why we sleep

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