Team development

InProgress pedagogical model is based on our 4 pillars, the four S´s, which according to our philosophy form the foundation for healthy and sustainable self-leadership as a base for team development.

With inProgress, unique concept, you will challenge yourself, get inspired and enjoy good energy from yourself and others.

Our modules will always be tailored according to your teams specific needs.

1. Sustainable Environment – You get to enjoy tranquil and beautiful nature and surroundings that stimulates your senses and sharpens your focus.

2. Sustainable Food – You get to experience good and healthy food that strengthens the body as well as your mind.

3. Sustainable Health – We will guide you how to increase oxygenation and blood circulation to nurture your brain and body.

4. Sustainable Relationships – We will develop your skills and ad tools hoe to build trustful and sustainable relationships.

Our three-day program is built in three modules, where we progressively work with your and the teams abilities to lead themselves and others.

Modul 1: You inProgress

In module 1, we work with ourselves based on the concepts of self-awareness and self-leadership.

You get the opportunity to identify your strengths, development areas, obstacles, and goals, as well as getting concrete tools to set up your individual and the teams development plan. With the aim to find strategies how to lead yourself through learning how to observe your thoughts and emotional reactions as well as fulfilling the teams long-term goals with the help of clarity regarding common values.

You also get the opportunity to work with the teams physical health and identify what you as a team and individual need, to give the team a durable foundation.

During module 1, we offer a choice between the following themes:
  • Build a solid understanding of why we need to develop using inProgress four S-pillar method
  • My personal leadership
  • Sustainable self-leadership / stress, recovery, and personal boundaries
  • Self- esteem, self-confidence in the different areas of our lives
  • Attitude – Courage – Focused development

Modul 2: Lead for tomorrow

In module 2, we widen your perspective of leadership in relation to your unique environment and the teams needs.

You will reflect on how you relate to the world around you as a group and individuals. You will learn to identify and realte to norms, company cultural expressions, and group dynamic process.

We will provide a concrete tool that helps to adjust your leadership skills in accordance with the teams need.

During module 2, we offer a choice between the following themes:
  • My and the teams leadership vision
  • Work teams group dynamics
  • Change management
  • Healthy conflicts/communicationChange management
  • Norm, company cultures and values
  • EQ, social awareness, and relationship management

Modul 3: Walk your vision

In module 3, you work practically with the teams vision and focus on developing concrete actions and communication plan as well as practice how to inspire and sell your vision to others by:

  • breaking down your leadership vision into concrete goals
  • Identifying the next steps
  • and providing the tools to implement them

We will work through communication and feedback exercises and presentation techniques.

During module 3, we offer a choice between the following themes:
  • Using OKRs engage the organization
  • How to communicate visions and inspire actions
  • Presentation techniques
  • Overcoming fear of public speaking

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