Self/Team development online/outdoors

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Team development

Team development

Team development is a condensed program, where you get to work with the team’s development for three full days.

The journey takes the team from and individual focus, to a team focus, with a deeper understanding how the individuals strengths affect the team.

After 3 days, everyone is ready to work more effectively as a team member, with more insights and tools how to secure the teams common future goals.

For whom?

Everyone who works in a group or leads a team. For example; Management teams – Sales and Marketing teams – Leadership teams- Project teams.


Self leadership

Personal growth

In this self-leadership program, you will develop through three full days, where we will work with your own individual development plan.

It all begins with your needs and ends with a plan on how you will use the tools that you learnt along the way.

For whom?

For you that are interested in developing your self-leadership. Whether it is about your professional role or your very own personal development.

Here you are given the opportunity to take yourself to the next level together with others.