About us

Like the ocean we are always in motion…

When you bring three female entrepreneurs with passion for leadership, health, sustainability and networking together, they create magic.

Despite different personalities and professional backgrounds, we have the same ambition to continuously learn new things, motivate and develop ourselves.

Our common values and desire to share our knowledge led us to consider a collaboration.

Based on our individual strengths and competencies within functional medicin, competence development, change management, education and tour operating we realized we have something really speciell to offer.

Inprogress, a unique educational program within self leadership was born.

Our self leadership philosophy is built on these four corner stones;

  • Environment – Spend time outdoors in a tranquil environment that stimulates your senses.
  • Nutrition – Eat good nutritious food that strengthens your body.
  • People – Inspiring people that help you develop and challenge yourself.
  • Connection – We connect when we share knowledge with others.

We want to awaken your curiosity for your abilities, we want you to step out of your comfort zone cause thats were we grow, and give you tools for a successful leadership.

The ability to lead yourself and others in a reasonable sustainable matter, with constant progress is key.